A Refuge from the Fire

Fireside Recovery: A Sober Living House

Fireside Recovery  provides a structured, peer supportive sober living environment for men affected by alcoholism and/or addiction.  Maintaining sobriety is the foundation needed for a successful life. While some have found recovery easy, most of us need a structured environment to build upon that foundation. Within the substance abuse recovery process, sober living is the next step after inpatient treatment.

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Recovering Together

Leaving long term treatment and returning directly to old places and patterns can derail recovery for even the most highly motivated person.  The goal of Fireside Recovery is to support our residents as they rediscover purpose, bonds, and relationships within the community.  Our vision is for the newcomer to feel excited every day to get out of bed, to have a purpose, and to have relationships they can depend on, as well as people who depend on them. At Fireside Recovery, we are more than individual recovery, we recover together.

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