The Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) has become the therapy of choice for many people suffering from substance abuse disorders, especially alcohol and opioid dependence. MAT is an evidence-based approach and is strongly endorsed as an effective treatment by the American Medical Association. At Fireside Recovery, we accept and work with men on medication assisted treatment, including Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Subutex. Learn more about the benefits of medication assisted treatment and how Fireside can help!

What is MAT? 

Medication assisted treatment uses medication in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide a “whole-patient” approach to treating substance abuse disorders. Research has shown that a combination of medication and therapy effectively treats alcohol and drug addiction disorders. 

The prescribed medications operate to block the euphoric effects of alcohol and opioids, normalize brain chemistry, relieve physiological cravings, and regulate body functions without the adverse effects of the abused substance. The goals of MAT are to discourage the use of a substance and provide patients with the tools they need to build a solid foundation for recovery. 

Benefits of MAT

There are many benefits of medication assisted treatment. First of all, it is very effective – when considering other behavioral-only treatments or medication-only treatments, MAT is much more effective. It treats multiple aspects of each patient rather than having a one-sided approach. Other benefits of MAT include: 

  • Facilitates safer withdrawal by relieving symptoms and controlling cravings
  • Increases retention in treatment with safer, controlled medications
  • Reduces risk of death due to overdose
  • Decreases relapse when integrated with counseling and behavioral therapies 

Fireside Recovery 

At Fireside Recovery, we can help you overcome addiction in our sober-living house. Because MAT requires close medical supervision, we have a house psychiatrist for initial assessments and med-management. If you’re struggling with addiction or alcoholism and have failed with other treatment methods, talk to your healthcare provider about the benefits of medication assisted treatment. Contact Fireside today to schedule an assessment and talk next steps!

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