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Why We Provide
Recovery Houses in Dallas

Fireside is owned and managed by people who have found success in recovery through sober living housing and want to help others on their path to freedom from addiction.  Our culture is one of inclusion, support and determination to make your experience with Fireside one of the best decisions of your recovery.

Fireside recovery houses for men in Dallas aims to build a community among residents and provide the support and resources necessary to help you recover.

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Jeff’s Story

As founder of Fireside Recovery, Jeff has direct experience with addiction, having spent years dealing with the cycle of recovery and relapse.  He knows the Dallas recovery community, because he has been a part of it since 2008.  Jeff is keenly aware of what works and what doesn’t.  He knows what it looks like when commitments are put to the test and how uncomfortable and unfamiliar personal growth can be at times.  In short, Jeff’s mission is to coach others in following a life of sobriety and purpose.  He can help, because he’s been there and knows what you are going through.

Jeff has years of experience living in and managing sober living recovery houses and remains today an active participant in a 12-step program.  His common sense approach to recovery led to his founding of Fireside Recovery where he serves as the Founder and President.  Jeff is a graduate of the Jindal School of Business at The University of Texas at Dallas and has logged thousands of hours doing volunteer and staff work with children and adults with disabilities.  Additionally, Jeff is a Certified Recovery Specialist, trained by the International Recovery Institute.

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